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(open with Linkara on Comicron 1's bridge, now shaded in a red glow)

Linkara: Vyce! ...Where are you?

Lord Vyce: All around you, Champion. I AM my ship now.

Linkara: But-But how?

(flashback to Linkara's Star Trek: The Search for Spock review, where Linkara faced Lord Vyce in Pollo's new body)

Lord Vyce: I was forced into the depths of space during our last encounter, damaged but alive. I admit surprised that you did not attempt to finish me off.

Linkara: We couldn't find you.

(flashback to the last few months, with the encounter with Jaeris, and the recent malfunctions with Comicron 1 and Nimue, leading up to Nimue kidnapping Linkara and bringing him out into space)

Lord Vyce: Pathetic, Champion, but that is not surprising. While elements like the anti-gravity propulsion of the body were damaged, my transmitter was not. As I stated when we last met, I am living data now, capable of transfering myself to mechanical forms. My ship was far away and constantly moving, I could only transmit myself a little at a time as it orbited the planet. But eventually, I achieved my goal. Each day, my influence grew. I affected communications, weapons, propulsion. I overrode commands made by your computer, and I replaced sections of its artificial intelligience with my own, hiding within it while I tested the limits of my power. Eventually, enough of myself transfered, that I had complete flight control, and I have maneuvered the ship to this position. Thanks to your elimination of what was left of the artificial intelligience, I now have complete control over its systems.

Linkara: You're what corrupted Nimue. YOU drove her insane!

(Jaeris, who teleported onto Comicron 1, sneaks up to the bridge)

Lord Vyce: The computer was problematic to be certain. It fought against me every step of the way. If it lost what sanity it possessed, it is no concern of mine. It was JUST a computer.

Linkara: Her name was Nimue, you SON OF A-

Lord Vyce: SILENCE!!

(Linkara jumps back from Vyce's scream)

Lord Vyce:Selfishly, I have a strong desire for revenge, Champion.

(Linkara looks around, noticing Jaeris has made it to the bridge)

Lord Vyce: I would love nothing more than to make you suffer for all the indignities I have endured because of you. I could pulverise you with increased gravity, I could make you suffocate, or simply poison you slowly to watch you die. However, I am beyond such recourses. I will drop you back on your planet and let you rot, while I resume my search for The Entity.

Linkara: I guess telling you that The Entity is dead would be pretty pointless.

Lord Vyce: It always lives, Champion. It will only die by my hands.

Linkara: Or lance, since you don't seem to have hands anymore.

Lord Vyce: Appropriate, don't you think? My form is now a great sword, which will slay "The Lost Beast".

Linkara: Indeed. However, I don't think you HAVE all control over the ship, Vyce.

Lord Vyce: What are you blathering about?

Linkara: Well, for example, did you know that there are certain safety features of the ship that are completely automatic? It's kind of important when you're sealed in a box in the cold vacuum of space. For instance, the fire suppression systems can cut in really damn quick, and cause some serious havoc.

Lord Vyce: I don't know why you're talking like that, but I do know that even if I don't possess-

(Jaeris takes the hint from Linkara, firing at the bridge with his magic gun)