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This is part one of the Timeline of Below is the humble beginnings of Channel Awesome from Youtube to having its own site!



  • April officially launched and all 5 second movies and Nostalgia Critic episodes were gradually moved over to the site. The following sketches were added in the ensuing weeks: The Bjork Show, Cheerios 2, How I Quit My Job and Aristocrats. Mike Michaud is instated as administrator of the site.
  • April 18 and 19th: First Nostalgia Critic rants against The Nerd.
  • April 20th: First Nostalgia Critic episode on the site: Pokémon the First Movie.
    • Doug Walker issued his welcome message for the site, welcoming the people.
  • April 21st: Site trailer launched. Version 2 of the site is born!
  • April 27th The Wizard Rant against The Nerd.
  • May 11th: Bum Reviews aired its first episode with a review of "Speed Racer".
  • May 22nd: The Other Guy began writing articles with a review of "Iron Man".
  • July 6th: Bhargav Dronamraju appeared as "Ma-ti" in the Nostalgia Critic "Captain Planet" review.
  • June 10th: Premium site content launched.
  • June 15th: The Nerd responds.
  • June 16th: Videos are taken off of Doug's YouTube channels. Doug responds with a special episode of Askthatguy stating that he was going to take them off anyway.
  • June 20th and 22nd: The Bum appeared on AskThatGuy.
  • July 20th: Animenia by That Dude In the Suede premiered with the Top 11 Greatest Animé theme songs.
    • Film Brain started his series of 5 second videos with "Dumb and Dumber" in 5 seconds.
  • July 21st: Film Brain wrote an article where he introduced himself and then went on to create more articles reviewing movies. See Film Brain's Articles for more.
  • July 30th: Benzaie's GYMDK premiered with a look at "Powerslave".
  • August 3rd: AMV Heaven by That Dude in the Suede aired.
    • The Nostalgia Critic reviewed the game, "Bebe's Kids".
  • August 10th: The Search for the Nostalgia Chick began.
  • August 13th: ThatAussieGuy's show Riz's Rave Reviews aired for the first time with "The Bourne Conspiracy".
  • August 15th: GSYMDK by Benzaie premiered with a look at the soundtrack to Lethal Weapon.
    • Michaud announced the first Best of Blogs contest where winners would get a spot on the site!
  • August 17th: Forums were launched.
  • August 22nd: Chat room created.
  • August 29th: The Search for the Nostalgia Chick contest ended with five finalists: MarzGurl, TheDudette, ThatChickWithTheGoggles, Lauren and Drew. Also, the winners of the first Best of Blogs contests were added to the site: Coldguy, Rollo T and Bennett The Sage.
  • September 16th: The Nostalgia Chick's first episode aired with a look at "Pocahontus".
  • September 17th: The Users of in 5 Seconds Contest began.
  • September 23rd: The Aussie Critic released with ThatAussieGuy as host. He reviewed "Crocodile Dundee".
    • The Spoony One began his review of "Final Fantasy VIII".
    • ThatChickWithTheGoggles released Quickies. Her first look was at "Katamari Damacy".
  • September 24th: Nostalgia Critic/Nerd Last Showdown.
  • September 26th: Rollo T began his articles called Hollywood Genocide.
  • October 1st: MarzGurl created an intro video with a sketch.
  • October 5th: Benzaie's Top 5 began with a look at the The Top Five Worst Genesis Movie Games and his Five Second Video Games began with a look at "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" for the NES.
  • October 9th: AskThatGuy issued a contest to find the zaniest answers to five questions he selected.
  • October 10th: The Nerd vs Nostalgia Critic: The Final Battle
  • October 13th: Video showing the Users of in 5 seconds was released.
  • October 16th:Transmission Awesome, the official podcast for the site began as hosted by HopwithinChaos, Rollo T and Coldguy. With them was ThatAussieGuy.
  • October 17th: Internet Superstar interviews Doug.
  • October 21st: The first Nostalgia Critic Halloween special: NC vs Teddy Ruxpin.
  • October 27th: Riz's Rewind Rave began with a review of Mighty Final Fight.
    • The Spoony One began his vlogs and reviewed "Dead Space".
  • October 30th: Benzaie premiered FAQ You! with a look at "Infinite Discovery".
  • November 16th: Dr. Gonzo began writing articles with a look at dads and their infatuation with high scores. See Dr. Gonzo's Articles for more.
    • Columbia College Q&A
  • November 17th: Phelous started his reviews on the site. First up was "mac and me".
  • November 21st: MarzGurl started a two part look at the history of animation.
  • November 23rd: Lion King Rifftrax.
  • December 20th: Make 'em Laugh Commercial.
  • December 24th: Happy Holidays message from the staff of the website.


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