Taking a shot in 3 Point Shoot-Out

3 Point Shoot-Out (a.k.a. 3D Net Blazer) is a simple action basketball game in which you control a man with an afro and attempt to sink 35 3-point baskets within a span of 60 seconds.

How to Play

From the title screen, you can choose to start the game or view the instructions. Mouse click on either option to choose.

This game is very simple to control, as it only uses the Space Bar.

You press the Space Bar to grab a ball, press it again to ready a shot, and press it again to shoot it. Once the rack runs out of basketballs, pressing the Space Bar will move your character to the next shot position.

Every basket you make adds one point to your score, and missing a basket slows your time to recover and make your next shot.

Once time runs out, or you have made all shots available, the game is over. Click on the basketball to submit your score.


Making baskets is all about timing. Unlike what the instructions say the key to sinking a shot is not at the top of your character's jump.

If you have to correct timing, a flash will appear over your ball and your score, accompanied by a camera shutter sound effect. Even if this effect does not occur, it's still possible to sink a shot.

The timing is nearly surgical, and being off by even a millisecond will likely end up in a miss. It helps to acquire a rhythm to your Space Bar presses once you find the correct shot timing.

ChaosD1 01:28, 13 May 2009 (UTC)

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