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5 Second Movies

5 second movies

Created by
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Running Time
Anywhere from five seconds to a minute

Walker first gained cult Internet fame with 5 Second Movies. The series consists of shortened and humorous versions of popular films, ranging from The Lion King to There Will Be Blood. Some videos, most notably Scarface in 5 Seconds, will even feature inserts from other films. The popularity of these videos lead to other YouTube users creating their own 5 Second Movies and this trend was even acknowledged in The Times Online. Currently, 5 Second Movies has a total of 102 episodes. The full list of episodes can be seen here.

Despite the retirement of 5 Second Movies by Doug, contributors on have started making their own 5 Second Movies. Film Brain, HopeWithinChaos, Benzaie, Bennett The Sage, Lee Davidge, Spoony, Phelous, Suede, Brad Jones, Diamanda Hagan and Oancitizen have created 5 Second Movies and Benzaie has made 5 Second Games. Linkara has also spun off and created 5 Panel Comics. CR branched off in 2010 with 5 Second Character Analysis.

In late 2008, there was a Users in 5 Seconds video contest, wherein members over 18 could send in 5 Second Movies of themselves. The final video can be seen here.

On June 3rd 2010, Doug returned briefly to 5 second movies with one based on the Year Two event movie, Kickassia.

Number of Eps per person

  • Doug: 106
  • Film Brain: 20
  • Benzaie: 16
  • Suede: 4
  • Sean: 4
  • Spoony: 8
  • Lee: 4
  • Bennett: 1
  • Phelous: 3
  • CR: 2
  • Angry Joe: 2
  • JesuOtaku: 5 (Anime in Five Seconds)
  • Guru Larry: 2
  • Welshy: 4
  • Brad: 1
  • Diamanda Hagan: 4
  • Oancitizen: 1
  • Lucky Six: 5


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