MarzGurl: A New Day (July 5, 2009)

[MarzGurl and Andycakes are watching one of her videos on a computer]

Video MarzGurl (voice only): And that’s why this movie sucks.

MarzGurl: So what did you think of the new video?

Andycakes: It sucks!

MarzGurl: What do you mean it sucks?

Andycakes: I mean sucks! You didn’t actually think it was good did you?

MarzGurl: Well maybe it wasn’t my best work but…

Andycakes: Not your best work? They’re all equally as deplorable.

MarzGurl: How can you say that? There’s lots of people out there who enjoy my work.

Andycakes: If by lots you mean five. I mean have you seen some of the comments about you out there on the internet?

Internet guy #1 (voiceover): Man, this girl can not act.

Internet guy #2 (voiceover): Can’t she do anything about that auto?

Internet guy #3 (voiceover): I’m gonna draw her with two butts!

MarzGurl: Oh…wow! Well, what am I suppose to do?

Andycakes: You could…take some acting lessons.

MarzGurl: Oh no, I’m not doing theater ever again!

Andycakes: You could buy better video equipment.

MarzGurl: How rich do you think I am?

Andycakes: Well, whatever you do you better do it fast. At this rate no one’s going to want to watch you. I bet you even get dropped from Channel Awesome at some point. It’s like you’ll have to do everything that isn’t you in order to make everybody like you.

MarzGurl: That’s it! You’re a genius. Thank you so much! I owe you one.

Andycakes: Um, sure. Good luck with whatever it is you’re doing.

[MarzGurl runs out to her car and drives to a store and picks some DVDs up. After buying stuff, she returns home and changes clothes and puts on a blonde wig. She shows Andycakes her new look but doesn’t face the camera while doing so]

MarzGurl: So, what do ya think?

Andycakes: It’s different.


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