Agent Prick is an agent of an unnamed organization that finds internet critics to be a great threat to decency. He appears in To Boldly Flee.

To Boldy FleeEdit

Prick, watching Terl's attempt to get the U.S. Senate to arrest the Nostalgia Critic for his crimes, finds himself agreeing and has the Critic put under house arrest. He then contact Terl and forms an allegiance with him.

Later, Prick discovers that Spoony has information about the Plot Hole and goes over to Dr. Tease and Dr. Block's house to shut down the equpiment strapped to Spoony. The result sends out various orbs of energy that alter reality (noticeable changes but mild and harmless). Prick and his agents stuff Spoony into a cardboard box, which is shipped to Europa, and heads over to the Critic's house, which has been modified into a spaceship and is preparing flight. His agents are intercepted by 8-Bit Mickey, who attempts to disguise himself as one of their own, but fails so he knocks them out with a vibrator. Prick arrives and holds Mickey at gunpoint. He continually calls him short, causing Mickey to slowly become enraged and brutally murder Prick (it was so violent that his blood and dismembered limbs were covering Mickey and one of Terl's men question the disappearance of his nose).

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