Bad and Boujee

Bad boujee tits

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April 21, 2017
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Todd plays the opening of "Bad and Boujee" on the piano.

A pop song review

Todd: [drawing it out] IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII doooooooooooooooooooon't geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Video for "Bad and Boujee"
Offset: My bitch is bad and boujee (bad)
Cookin' up dope with a uzi.

Todd: Am... Am-am I just an idiot?

Todd (VO): The, this song, this one, is probably gonna be the biggest hip hop song of this year. It hit Number One back in the beginning of the year, and it's still in the Top Ten four months later, and...

Todd: ...what am I missing?? What am I missing here?!

Todd (VO): This is "Bad and Boujee." It's by the rap group Migos. [pic of them] I assume they're called that because there's three of them?

       Clip from...

Three Amigos: The Three Amigos!

Todd: I'll be honest, I don't really know that much about them. Apparently they... [picture of a football player dabbing] ...invented the dab?

       Clip of "Look at My Dab (Bitch Dab)"

       Quavo: Dab, dab, dab, dab...

Todd (VO): Well, not invented it, but at least popularized it, so yeah, I guess that's a pretty big deal.

       Quavo: Look at my dab (bitch dab)

              Look at my dab (bitch dab)

              Look at my dab (bitch dab)

              Look at my dab! (bitch dab)

Todd (VO): Yup, I'm looking at it. It's a dance, alright.

Todd: Yeah yeah yeah I know, I'm a terrible music critic who doesn't keep up with one of the most buzzed and influential hip hop groups of the last couple of years...well, here's the dark and dirty secret: I don't really enjoy much rap music anymore. It-it just makes me feel old.

 Clip of Desiigner-"Panda"

Todd (VO): And I'm not saying I don't listen to any new hip-hop, but I just can't get into most of it anymore. It makes me feel like a total loser that I don't get it anymore. I don't want to be...

Todd: ...that guy who's like, "why y'all listening to this meaningless bling and bitches crap when you should check out the new single from [promo pic of...] MC Wokeness. It's called '80 Minute Lecture About Systemic Racism in America', guys.".

[shurgging] I used to listen to the gangsta stuff [clip of...] it's just the newer stuff I can't get into, it's just a sound. The trap stuff these days, it all just sounds like this low droning mumble. There's no swing in it, there's no energy, it doesn't move. It's just not fun anymore.

Transcript in progress...

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