Letting an arrow fly in Balloon Hunter

Balloon Hunter is a simple action style game where you fire arrows at balloons that are rising out of a trio of barrels. The goal is to get as many points as you can without missing. Once you miss 5 shots, the game is over.

How to Play

The goal is simple. Shoot at the balloons for points. Keep an eye on the wind and make sure you have the correct power and angle to make the shots. It might take a bit of practice to see exactly what an arrow can and can't do.

From the title screen, you can click on "Tournament" so start the game or "Options" to make adjustments to the game.

On the options screen you can:

  • Toggle the translucent cloud in the background on or off. Default setting is "On".
  • Adjust the graphic quality from Low, Medium, High or Best. Default setting is "High".
  • Change the control style between keyboard and mouse style. Differences are listed below. Default setting is "Keyboard".
  • Toggle the "Track Height" setting which will let you know how high the traveled after it has been fired. Default setting is "off".


This game offers two control styles

Keyboard Style

This style offers a slower, and more accurate way to shoot.

Up and Down arrow keys adjust your height.

Hold the space bar to build up power in your bow. Release the space bar to fire the arrow.

Mouse style

This style is faster and allows for quicker, but not as steady shots.

Place the cursor on the screen to adjust your height.

Hold the left mouse button to build up power in your bow. Release the left mouse button to fire.


Balloons are worth more points the higher in the air they are.

Watch for the wind gauge. You can see how the wind is blowing by looking at the flag in the background, or the wind speed meter above your character. Although the wind will have no effect on your arrows, it will affect the balloons, and may force you to adjust your shot timing.

The game has no time limit and does not penalize you for letting balloons fly off the screen. Use as much time as you need to take the right shots.

If you hit two balloons with one arrow, you get a much better point bonus. It's a pretty good idea to wait until you see two balloons rising from the barrels at the same time before shooting.

You can see the strings from the balloons on the bottom of the barrels before they are released. Use this to tell when two balloons will be launched simultaneously.

ChaosD1 02:51, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

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