Beauty and the Beast Part 2

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Phelous: ♪ It's still barely a movie, Airhead and the Goomba Warthog! ♪

Beauty: I'm not going to scream.

Clara: The name's Clara. I'm the cook.

Beauty: But where's the beast?

Beast: Kill you?

Beast: We shall speak tomorrow.

Beauty: But I thought you meant to kill me.

Phelous: Come on! Hurry up with that, right?

Beast: I cannot bring myself to do it. Consider this to be your home.

Beauty: Thank you for sparing my life.

Beast: Perhaps someday you will be my wife.

Beauty: What do you think of Beast?

Beauty: Why do you never eat with me?

Beast: You eat as a human does. I am a beast and I must eat as a beast does.

Beast: Will you come out onto the balcony with me?

Beauty: You dance so well.

Beast: Even a beast can love music.

Phelous: Who's playing music? Is Clara a one-man band?

Beast: By being my wife. Won't you marry me, Beauty?

Beauty: Then let me visit my father.

Beast: You know not what you ask for. If you leave me, then I shall die of loneliness.

Phelous: Die of loneliness?

Beast: I would surely die if it were a day more than the week you ask for.

Beauty: I'm going home! I'm going home at last!

Beauty: But he seems so sweet. He told me.

Phelous: He told you he was sweet? Guess ya can't argue with that.

Beauty: I'm not gonna let some silly dream scare me.

Beauty (vo): I'm home!

Phelous: Somehow!

Phelous: And who's bed was she in?

Nathan: Then let him die.

Beauty: I suppose I could stay one more day.

Beast: I would surely die if it were a day more than the week you ask for.

Beauty: I suppose I could stay one more day.

Beauty: Clara! What are you doing here?

Phelous: Clara, what are you doing here? I had to.

Beauty: I would marry you, Beast!

Beauty: But where's my beast?

Phelous (vo): Right in front of you!

Phelous: Someone jumped ahead on the script!

Clara: Your spell's been broken and now you're powerless!

Phelous: Because the spell was broke, she's powerless?

Phelous: The End! I'm not taking it back!

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