Black Willy Wonka

Black Willy Wonka

Portrayed by
Malcolm Ray

Black Willy Wonka is a character appearing in The Nostalgia Critic played by Malcolm Ray. He first appeared in the review of The Lorax and later returned for the beginning of the Old vs. New - Spider-Man review. It is revealed in The Matrix Reloaded review that he worked on the Matrix films.

The LoraxEdit

Black Willy Wonka first appears in The Lorax review as Analyst Malcom who along with Analyst Rob are celebrating over The Lorax movie until the Critic shows up. After the review he reveals his true identity as Black Willy Wonka and also tells the Critic in his Black Wonkavator that all Dr Seuss films were made intentionally bad in order for people to remember how good the books were (one of these people being Chester A. Bum). He then reminds the Critic of the man who had everything he ever wanted and how he killed him and took all of his possessions. He then gives the Critic a hug as they fly away in the Black Wonkavator.

Old vs. New - Spider-ManEdit

Black Willy Wonka re-appears in the review of the two Spider-Man film series and asks the Critic why he looks so glum. The Critic explains how the Hyper Fangirl from the last review had been posting vain messages on Facebook and after suggesting to unfriend her, Black Willy Wonka tells Critic to either compromise or "caramilise her until her insides are stretchy and sweet". Critic, confused, settles for a compromise and tells Wonka not to destroy anything to which he simply replies "I make no promises" before walking away.

The Matrix Reloaded Edit

Cup of Idiocy Edit

In this review, Black Willy Wonka wipes the Critic's mind of his home movies so he will review them.

Ghostbusters (2016) Edit

Black Willy Wonka comes back in this review. He is the main villain behind the events of the review. He first pretends to have ulterior motives for creating such hate, but later admits he only did it because it's fun to be an asshole for no reason.

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