Brad and Jerrid Are Not Cool (August 15, 2010)

[Opening titles are shown]

[Brad and Jerrid are sitting in a restaurant]

Jerrid: I’m telling you, Mad Max was at his best when he was PG-13 and surrounded by a group of kids.

Brad: It’s just that when I go to that park and put on those ears it’s like I am Mickey Mouse.

Jerrid: Personally, I’m glad Jay Leno’s returning to the tonight show.

Brad: CGI Godzilla was much better. They didn't have to worry about the man in suits spraining his ankle.

Jerrid: Once it grows in it’s gonna be a new look: shaved head, rat tail. Trust me.

Brad: If Rush wants to save face with their new album, I say they incorporate one thing: Avril Lavigne.

Jerrid: Grandma U.S.A, season three, episode twelve: that was the greatest episode of Mama’s Family.

[A techno song starts playing]

Brad: Oh shit! Space jam, son!

[Brad and Jerrid do the raising the roof dance]


[After the credits bloopers are shown]

Brad: It’s like I am Mickey Mouse.

[Jerrid starts laughing]

Brad: It’s like I am Mickey Mouse.

[Jerrid starts laughing again which makes Brad laugh]

Jerrid: Damn.


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