Brad and Jerrid Enter a Funhouse (August 23, 2010)

[Opening titles are shown]

[Jerrid is playing a video game while Brad sits down next to him with a drink]

Brad: Whoa, whoa, asshole, it’s my turn!

Jerrid: It’s not your turn you went up to get a drink.

Brad: Yeah and I said to pause it whenever you’re done. I’m next.

Jerrid: You were in the kitchen for ten minutes.

Brad: I didn’t know if I wanted go with the throw back or the corn syrup shit.

Jerrid: Easy, the throw back it’s better for you.

Brad: Yeah, in that it will make the inevitably heart attack less painful.

Jerrid: So what did you settle on?

Brad: Water. With corn syrup.

Jerrid: Nice.

Brad: Yeah, yeah, yeah, give me the fucking controller!

Jerrid: I’m not giving you the fucking controller.

Brad: I’ve been waiting all afternoon to play this, you know it calms me down.

Jerrid: Get a stress ball.

Brad: Stress balls don’t work on me. I shoved the last one you got me up a homeless guy’s ass.

Jerrid: Crazy Phil, downtown? The one who thinks aliens keep abducing him?

Brad: He’s use to thinking stuffs been shoved up his ass, so he hasn’t noticed.

Jerrid: Well, I’m still not giving you the controller.

Brad: Okay. Fine. Well there’s only one way to settle this.

[Jerrid throws the controller down. It cuts to a fair at night. Brad and Jerrid are in front of a funhouse]

Brad: Funhouse?

Jerrid: Funhouse motherfucker!

[They both go in. After about a minutes or so Brad comes out first, than Jerrid. It cuts back to the room they were playing videogames in. Brad has the controller while Jerrid sits down]

Brad: I took your turn.

Jerrid: It doesn’t matter you won fair and square anyway.

[Brad gives Jerrid the controller]

Brad: Here.

[It cuts to what they’ve been playing: the NES version of Where’s Waldo?]


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