Real Name
Bryan Clendening
Channel Awesome, Reviewtopia

Bryan Clendening (BAC on the forums) is a new member of the Nerd To The Third Power podcast on He is the reporter in charge of covering comic book news in his segment entitled, The Multiverse Headlines.

Bryan has followed TGWTG for awhile and been a member on the on-line forum and community as well. When he heard news that Nerd to the Third was looking for a new comic book person to take over he was urged on by his friends to try out for it. After a grueling time making an audition tape he sent it in and a short time later was welcomed on as a part of the crew.

About BryanEdit

Bryan currently resides in the state of Texas having moved there to successfully finish his college education. He is an avid comic reader since the mid 90s to today ranging from several titles around different companies, but a bigger reader of DC comics right now. Some of his favorite characters include Superman, Green Lantern, Captain America, and Spider-Man. Though he also loves some of the more obscure characters of the comics world like The Question or even Beta Ray Bill. Outside of the main companies he recently discovered Atomic Robo series that he feels is one the best independent made comics on the market today.

Outside of comics he is a major fan of a lot of old 80s shows he grew up with, biggest example in Transformers and G.I. Joe having both series box sets. Other sets include C.O.P.S., Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Voltron, and the DCU animated series.

Bryan TriviaEdit

  • Has a blog and video series 'Laid Back Comics Who Would Win' were he pits comic characters in a match up.
  • Has a 200 disc DVD changer with nothing but MST3K DVDs
  • Once trained as a pro-wrestler in Maryland and got three front teeth chipped on a chair shot to the head.
  • Owns more Lego Video games than any other franchise
  • Has pitched a Transformer comic to IDW, only to be turned down.


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