Since the start of, the site has hosted several articles written by members of the staff. Many of the writers have started out as Awesome Blogs of the Week or Best of Blogs. Below is a chart stating who has made what and links to pages showing their articles. As of May 2011, the article section is no longer featured on the site as they will be focusing mainly on videos.

Author Article Page
Coldguy Coldguy's Articles
Dr. Gonzo Dr. Gonzo's Articles
Film Brain Film Brain's Articles
Matt Briner Matt Briner's Articles
Rollo T Rollo T's Articles
Storage and Disposal Storage and Disposal's Articles
The Last Angry Geek The Last Angry Geek's Articles
The Other Guy The Other Guy's Articles
TheCat TheCat's Articles
Fool Fantastic Fool Fantastic's Articles
The Immature Connoisseur The Immature Connoisseur's Articles
Rap Critic Rap Critic's Articles

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