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Name Information Date joined
Spike's Girl Stress Free leader of the wiki. Creator. 10/25/08
SimonW Co-founder. 10/26/08
Coldguy voice of Spine Breakers and Transmission Awesome. 10/26/08
Daffy Co-founder. 10/27/08
HopeWithinChaos The Epic Fail guy! 10/29/08
MarzGurl Animé News Editorial reporter! 11/2/08
Film Brain beats down bad movies. 11/4/08
Welshy Channel Awesome Youtube administrator. 1/14/09
Punky Channel Awesome Twitter queen! 2/24/09
Y Ruler of Time Remember to Read Right to Left! 3/9/09
The Dramatic Monarch Walphin! 3/14/09
ChaosD1 Arcade whore and World of Warcraft expert. Oh and he likes Mountain Dew. 3/23/09
Rabbi co-host of Spine Breakers and creator of High Fiction. 4/24/09
WJMill WHIT! 5/25/09
Stream Of Consciousness Stream! 5/31/09
DanManX Creator of the NC2008 guides! 7/20/09
Anthony R MUSIC FREAK! 9/12/09
Smarty The Machinimist 9/12/09
LordKat Plays video games Until We Win. 9/23/09
Sigmanonymous Sig! 1/17/10
Shea A Comic Minute! 4/18/10
NollUK British person. 5/3/10
Obscurus Lupa She looks at z grade movies! 5/3/10
Lozchic Lozzy! 5/20/10
FreyaMau The Fantastic Freya! 10/17/10
AceAwesome He's AWESOME!!!!!!! 10/22/10
KittyMarie JewWario's #1 fan! 1/29/11
LeakLess52 Admin 4/6/15
Jzummak Admin 11/28/15

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