Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #1
Future Shock #1
Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2

Holokara: [Sarcastically] It would? Damn it, I really thought she could survive if she landed on her feet! [Holds up comic and says in a normal voice] This comic sucks! Unfortunately, it’s not the end, though. Tune in next week for the stupid conclusion.

[We then cut to the credits, Afterward, we cut to black.]

Linkara [v/o]: Journey Log: While the magic signals from Canada proved to be dead ends, I did get some information at Conbravo. I was told by many that I might be able to find help from a great wizard living in the area. Several people gave me the coordinates and Nimue directed me to them…until my communicator lost contact with the ship. I’ll try to re-establish contact later. In the meantime, though; what I found at the coordinates was…unexpected.

[We cut to Linkara heading to and knocking on the front door of a small house. A woman in her 30s answers.]

Linkara: Uh…hi, this is gonna sound weird, but…uh, I’m looking for the great wizard, Aplos.

Woman: [To inside the house] Steven, it’s for you!

[She heads back into the house, Linkara is then greeted at the front door by Steven aka Aplos, played by Lewis’s brother, Graham Lovhaug]

Aplos: [Waves] Hi there!

Linkara: Uh…Aplos the wizard?

Aplos: I go by Steven now these days, but whatever floats your boat. How can I help you?

Linkara: Uh…yeah, I’ve been having a problem with my magic lately and I’ve been told that you could help me.

Aplos: Ok, come on in. [Aplos head back inside and Linkara follows him to the living room.]  Have a seat!

Linkara: I’d prefer to stand.

Aplos: [Sit down in his big, comfy chair] Suit yourself.

Linkara: [Looking around the living room] This…was not what I was expecting.

Aplos: What the hell do you want? It’s 2012; there aren’t a whole lot of people living in gloomy castles, standing over crystal balls, and crap like that! Anyways, I’m a busy guy, what do you want?

Linkara: Well, a few months ago, my magic…stopped working, my magic gun [which he takes out] won’t fire, and the few spells I can cast, well, they won’t even sparkle.

Aplos: Uh huh, [snaps his fingers and the holds his hand out] hand it over. [Linkara does and Aplos examines it] Hmm. Hmm, oh, I see.

Linkara: What? What is it?

Aplos: Shut up, idiot, I’m talking to the gun!

Linkara: What?!?!

Aplos: I said shut up! What are you, as dumb as you look?! [He then looks at the gun and begins to have a conversation with it] Oh, he is. [Linkara does not look amused by this insult] Ok, I’ll confirm for you.

[He places the Magic gun on a tv dinner table next to him where he also has some dice with ruins. He rolls them.]

Aplos: [In a comical voice] Ooh, not good.

Linkara: What did you just….?

Aplos: Shush! [He gets up and examines Linkara’s jaw] Yep, just as I thought.

Linkara: I…?

Aplos: Can’t go 5 seconds without flapping your jaw, can you, kid? [lets go of his jaw and sits back down] That’s ok, it’s kind of a trait of what this thing is. I’ve seen this thing before.

Linkara: Seen “what” before?

Aplos: What the problem is. You know, the reason why your magic isn’t working? Your gun figured this out already. Did you know her name’s Margret?

Linkara: [Shocked] No, I…I didn’t, I’ve been trying to find that out for a while now.

Aplos: Well, of course you didn’t know, you haven’t unlocked Margret’s full potential! If you unlocked it and this had happened, you probably would have been too far-gone.

Linkara: What do you mean?

Aplos: The problem is not with your magic, the problem is with you!

Linkara: What?

Aplos: [Aggrivated] Look, I’m gonna explain this in the most direct manner I possibly can, so it can get through your thick skull to your tiny little brain: You. Are. Turning. Evil!

[Linkara looks shocked by this news.]

[To be continued…]