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Chris Stuckmann


Real Name
Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann is a film reviewer and internet critic. He primarily focuses on current movies, though he occasionally analyses older movies as well as Zod's snapped neck. He has been a fan of movies since he was a child and as he got older, he gained a love for the art of film. His main influence to becoming a critic was Roger Ebert, and he started his YouTube channel in 2010. He was picked up by in July 2014.


  • A Tribute to Robin Williams (August 12th, 2014)
  • The Problem with Action Movies Today (February 10th, 2015)
  • Jared Leto as THE JOKER! (April 25th, 2015)
  • Scary Movie Binge! (November 1st, 2015)
  • Man Cave Tour (November 12th, 2015)
  • On Fanboying (November 29th, 2015)
  • My Amiibo Collection (December 15th, 2015)
  • A Special Message for You (January 3rd, 2016)
  • Complete Blu-Ray Collection (January 7th, 2016)
  • Q&A: Answers! (January 18th, 2016)
  • On Fair Use #WTFU (February 20th, 2016)
  • New Office Tour (June 9th, 2016)
  • A Rant on Annoying Moviegoers: Part 2 (June 12th, 2016)
  • Stuckmann's 4th Annual Halloween Special (October 23rd, 2016)
  • The Best Movies of 2016 (December 28th, 2016)
  • The Worst Movies of 2016 (January 1st, 2017)
  • Overlooked & Underrated Movies of 2016 (January 2nd, 2017)
  • Complete Anime Collection (January 16th, 2017)
  • A Plea to Nintendo from a Lifelong Fan (February 15th, 2017)
  • Movie Characters Watch The Last Jedi Trailer (April 17th, 2017)
  • Childhood Trauma: Movies/Shows That Terrified Me (April 19th, 2017)


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