Clockwords is a hybrid word game combining elements of a word game, a typing game and an action game. Use the power of your vocabulary to destroy the incoming spiders and keep your documents safe and sound.

How to PlayEdit

Click to navigate the menus to start the game. Be sure to click on the link to's "Word of the Day" to learn a powerful attack you can use in game.

Once the game starts simply type the word you wish to use to attack an hit "enter". If playing alongside someone else, you can have the second player click the cannon and manually aim it at your enemies.

You do more damage when you type words with letters that appear in the firing chamber. Use all the letters that appear in one word to earn more letters to fire at a time.

Keep typing words until all the spiders are killed to move onto the next stage.

In between stages you can submit your score, as well as head to "The Boiler" where you can gain more letters you've acquired, as well as transmute two weaker letters into a more powerful one.


Keep typing words. Besides wasting your time, there's no penalty for typing a wrong word, or even words that contain no letters from the chamber.

You can type multiple words even before the countdown to the stage starting finishes. Use this time to get an advantage.

Chamber letters do the most damage, so at least try to get one or two of them into your word.

Remember that simple words can do just as much damage or more damage as fancy ones. Something as simple as "pony" can be much more powerful than "quixotic" if it has most of the letters in the chamber.

If you use a word more than once per round, it's power is made nearly useless, regardless if you have more letters in the chamber this time.

Use the word of the day as your trump card, but remember it has no effect is you try to use it again that same round.

Remember that prefixes, suffixes and plural versions of words count as separate words. Already use "frozen" today? Keep the heat on by typing "unfrozen" next.

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