Cloud Atlas

Bhh cloud atlas

Date Aired
December 21, 2013
Running Time

BHH opening sequence plays.

Cut to Oancitizen in his nook, reading aloud Cloud Atlas.

Oancitizen: "'Come now, what’s a reviewer?' I reasoned. 'One who reads quickly, arrogantly, but never wisely.'” [he lowers the book] Ouch!

Oan (vo): [reading quotes from reviews of "Cloud Atlas"] "Cloud Atlas" deserves praise if only for not being the baggy, pretentious disaster it could have been in other hands." [Ann Hornaday, Washington Post] "It is an extremely honorable failure, but it is a failure." [Mark Kermode, Kermode and Mayo's Film Review] "You're supposed to spend the whole time going whoooooah, but you're constantly spending the whole time going whup!? Hooah!?! Ju-aaaahh!?" [Dan Harmon, Harmontown]

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