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Real Name
Dena Natali

A guest contributor on Still Gaming, Dena is the host of her own show on YouTube. She's the wife of Lee Davidge and her show, Game Den is about playing games she remembered growing up and is from California.

Aside from her video production, Dena has worked for a small video game developing company several years ago where she learned how to do CG stuff on the job. She also likes doing Let's Plays. She's also an artist and has been working on a concept for a comic book, off and on, for a year. She also has another quick review show on Youtube called Pixels As Big As Cats, which are just quick reviews of Atari 2600 games.

Dena created the Game Den because while she enjoyed doing "guest reviews" for Still Gaming, she wanted to try a slightly different format (ie: not really reviews, but more in-depth coverage of games), so she branched off to do her own show. She wanted to bring something to the table that was new and original since the Internet was full of other review shows. Dena later came up with the idea of really putting her art skills to good use and had every opening sequence be a mimic of whatever game that episode is about, but featuring the cat mascot.


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Other Appearences

Dena has also worked together with Phelous on his FearDotCom review starring as the demon woman.


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