(Doug and Rob are sitting in two chairs. They begin dancing)

Doug: (Singing) Step on up and come on in, here's where the fun begins! There's so much to do!

Rob: Do!

Doug: Got it waiting just for you!

Rob: You!

Doug: Everybody's singing, bringing you a Disney Afternoon! Hey! Those were not the words! But I don't give a shit, you turd! Because we're singing, all about the...digging...Dis-ney Af-ter-noon! Bo-doo-boop!

(He and Rob both smile with their mouths wide open and pose a finishing pose, before chuckling and speaking)

Rob: You remember more of this than...

Doug: The title card there.

Rob: Now if you had done Rescue Rangers, that would've been...

Doug and Rob: (Singing) Ch-ch-ch-Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers! Ch-ch-ch-Chip and Dale! When there's danger! No, no, it never fails!

Doug: (Speaking) See, I love...I could just see those guys and be like... (Sings) It never fails!

Rob: (Singing) They got the moves! Wheres and whys and whos!

Doug: (Speaking) The people who do those songs are just so fucking into it! I mean, they're just like, it sounds like they're putting their all into it, like, "No, you are Stan, man. This is a magical adventure. I want it to be like, you know, the gateway to Heaven."

Rob: (Singing) Dancing and dimming and all so delicious! Gummi Bears!

Doug: Oh, those singers. I wonder if they were all done by, like, the same group or something.

Rob: Oh, yeah.

Doug: (Sings) TaleSpin!

Rob: Oh, yeah.

Doug: TaleSpin! Friends are like through thick and... (Finally stops singing) Okay, the whole thing is just gonna be us singing the songs, uh, nothing else. But we're gonna be talking about the Disney Afternoon, a video that does, I guess, not surprisingly well, but I'm really happy it does well. I didn't think it would do well.

Rob: Because the Disney Afternoon was amazing.

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