Doug: Hey gus, Doug Walker here, if you read the title above, this are the top 20 of my favorite TV shows. I know I'm pretentious, I know I can just keep it just top 10, I... TV was a big part of growing up for me, it was abig part for a lot of us, sadly, but, uh, so I'm gonna talk about the top 20, and, something to keep in mind, this are not like the most influencal or the most inspiring TV shows, cause that's a different list, altough a lot of them are here, uh, this are the ones I just love watching, i can just watch over and over and over, never get tired of them, they just... really really fill me up. So, uh, try to guess number 1, because my guess is that you're not gonna be able to get it, cause it's something I don't talk about it, I don't think I've ever talked about it in another video or show, uh, and, yeah, dont cheat by looking at the comments below, either, just see if you can get it, I'm betting that you're not gonna be able to get it,, anyway, why waste anymore time, let's go with the top 20 of my favorite TV shows.

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