Played by Doug Walker, Dr. Smith is a human/spider hybrid based on Gary Oldman's performance of the character of the same name from Lost in Space. He is a more hammy and less subtle (if that is even possible) version of said character, usually appearing via a timeportal to the future at random times. And, of course, whenever he appears, rest assured that it will involve spiders in some form, even if it's usually just himself saying that.

He appears in the review to "Secret Of Nihm II: Timmy to the Rescue", showing he is the creative consultant to the film's writer (Dr. Insano).

In "Kickassia", he randomly pops up, suggesting they invade Molassia with a legion of SPIIIIIIIIIIIDERSSS, but the Critic tells him to go away.


He is always dressed in a black robe, and he has a blue face as well as large, bony, white hands. He looks like something out of The Mighty Boosh, though this is purely coincidental.

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