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Our gracious hosts!

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The boys having fun.

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Bhargav, Rob, the Bum and a Nintendo mascot.

This is the report from the Donation drive at The event started at 6:30 pm Central/7pm Eastern on February 12th, 2009. All times will be in 24 hour format.

Play By Play

  • 18:15: After a few technical difficulties, the live show began with our hosts ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, Bhargav Dronamraju and The Other Guy.
  • 18:19: Ask That Guy With the Glasses episode 32.
  • 18:25: First caller named Blake asked about a pirate movie to review.
  • 18:33: Another caller. Questions asked about the origin of of the site.
  • 18:40: Pikachu attacks Bhargav.
  • 18:46: Lost in DC documentary formally seen in the Premium Area. Making of the PBS video.
  • 18:59: Another caller asking about more live appearances.
  • 19:00: Caller asking if Doug could review "Cool World".
  • 19:07: The Spoony One video. Star Trek: Borg was reviewed.
  • 19:20: Caller asking about Manos: The Hands of Fate.
  • 19:28: Caller asked how the The Nostalgia Critic vs The Nerd feud started.
  • 19:33: Someone from Germany donated 300 dollars.
  • 19:36: Punky called and asked Doug about his favorite cartoon. During the call, Punky mentioned she was in a chat with wiki staff. Aussie commented on it and everyone had a good laugh.
  • 19:47: AngryJoe video dance off with Benzaie.
  • 19:54: Brian Baldwin from Wisconsin donated 300 dollars.
  • 19:55: Adda Chin from New York donated 300 dollars.
  • 20:29: After a slew of technical difficulties, [] crashed and plans were put in place to move the live feed elsewhere.
  • 21:04: Broadcasting returned.
  • 21:10: Part of the Nostalgia Critic review of "The Good Son" aired.
  • 21:28: Tried to go back to []. Turned out they were barred.
  • 21:42: On [] and watching rest of "The Good Son" review. Wiki staff believes movie is cursed.
  • 21:44: A caller asked about going to California about interviews.
  • 22:11: Another caller asking about the new NCs.
  • 22:18: Caller asking about Short Circuit 2.
  • 22:22: More callers.
  • 22:26: Another caller.
  • 22:33: The Bjork Show episode aired.
  • 22:48: Linkara called.
    • 300 dollar donation.
  • 22:53: Caller asked about the video game review.
  • 23:00: Two more callers.
  • 23:13: Richard Weis donated 300 bucks.
  • 23:19: Benzaie student film.
  • 23:30: Doug Showed up as Chester A. Bum.
  • 23:34: A caller talked to the Bum.
  • 23:40: Another caller for the Bum. The Bum plays with light switches.
  • 23:44: Chester A. Bum reviews Coraline.
  • 23:50: Caller asked if there was going to be another Nerd vs. Critic battle. Doug said there might be one.
  • 23:55: Caller asked about how to break into the business.
  • 23:58:Mike Michaud tells everyone the site hit 7,000 dollars.

February 13th, 2009:

  • 24:02: Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre with Bennett The Sage.
  • 24:19: Linkara's New Trailer.
  • 24:37: Aussie's Mom, Doug, and the others.
  • 24:40: ThatAussieGuy, Transmission Awesome, Mike Ellis, Mike Michaud calls and introduces each other.
  • 24:55: Bum Review of Citizen Kane.
  • 01:01: Linkara presents Four Color Fantasy Contest.
  • 01:07: Benzaie presents Let's Play...Till we Die with Moonwalker.
  • 01:19: Bhargav, The Other Guy, and Doug say goodbyes.
  • 01:21: GYMDK Jim Power video as the final video.

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