Eek the Cat (June 23rd, 2009)

Eek, Eek the Cat
He's a hero!
Oh no, Annabelle's in trouble!
Who will save her?
Eek, Eek the Cat
He's a super duper,
Whooper, hooper
Kind of trooper
He's gonna save the day!
Oh, good heavens!
His cape is on fire!
He's gonna expire
If he falls and hurts himself
Oh my!
(spoken) Ho ho, kumbaya! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Eek the Cat is cute!
Come on, guys
There is no dispute!
Eek the Cat is kind!
Helps you out
If you're in a bind!
Eek the Cat is nice!
Doesn't even chase mice!
(spoken) Oh my God, that's a power cable! He's getting burned!
Eek the Cat's a ball!
As well acts just adorable!
He's Eek the Cat!
(spoken) He's cute.

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