Folding Ideas


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6 (on TGWTG)
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Folding Ideas is a media analysis show hosted and written by Dan Olson (aka Foldable Human). His style is relatively analytical among other internet reviewers, mostly observing works within their cultural context rather than from a fan's point of view.

The show originally aired on Youtube before being picked up by Chez Apocalypse. It then made its official premiere on Channel Awesome on August 7th, 2014. In September 2015, Dan revealed he mutally parted ways with the site after his trial period ended.


  • Sam Witwicky (8/7/14)
  • Narrative Control (8/21/14)
  • Depression Quest (9/4/14)
  • Tell Me a Story (9/19/14)
  • Fight Club (11/14/14)
  • Asian Girlz (11/28/14)


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