Freak Force #1

AT4W Freak Force by Masterthecreater

June 21, 2010
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It's 90s Kid's turn to fend off a comic! ...or, rather, help it along, it seems...

'Freak Force #1 is the second episode of the third season of Atop The Fourth Wall. 90's Kid serves as a substitute host for the namesake comic issue from Image Comics.


The episode begins with 90's Kid filling in for Linkara. He introduces Freak Force #1 from Image Comics and immediately lets loose a string of cliched comments on the cover page, even making some misogynistic comments on the female team members. He then proceeds to talk about the opening scene, where Phyllis Deeder, who he claims is "mint-flavored" due to the pattern of her pants, rants about the Freak Force staying in her apartment, Horridus, the "dinosaur chick", watches an extremely graphic sex scene on television leading 90's Kid to deduce that "she's watching MTV", and Dart, the leader of the group, reads the team a fax from Savage Dragon about Major Disaster, a supervillain who can create anything using pollutants in the atmosphere. 90s Kid expresses disappointment that Freak Force never crossovered with Savage Dragon, but comments on Major Disaster being "a nice terrorist" by giving warning to his target locations.

90's Kid then proceeds to cover the fight scene, where he explodes in a wave of stereotypical euphoria in reaction to Major Disaster blowing up a chemical plant with verbal sound effects. Mighty Man confronts the latter and 90's Kid suggests that he add the words "blood" and "strike with a y" to his name because otherwise the superhero will never be taken seriously. 90's Kid then proceeds to throw praise at the ensuing fight which is peppered with verbal sound effects including "hrakk", "choom", and "doom" while simultaneously admiring SuperPatriot's gun hand and making fun of Ricochet's name. At some point, Barbaric, the red-skinned Hulk knockoff, throws Major Disaster into the air, pushing 90's Kid's buttons even further. Eventually, Rapture, the "stripper lady with the big cleavage", electrocutes Major Disaster, enabling the team to defeat him.

In the aftermath, Dart berates the team for their apparent lack of teamwork, and they leave with Major Disaster in tow. 90's Kid hails it as "a perfect example of truly deep comics" as whining about how much the team is stupid shows "unique characterisation" and praises the trope as it has been shown in many other 90s Image comics. Freak Force gets their bounty and buys a new apartment for themselves and the comic issue ends.

Because he is bored, 90's Kid decides to play the video game Justice League Task Force on the Sega Genesis platform. As he plays, he ruthlessly rains down comment after comment about how hardcore the game is. The episode ends with Harvey Finevoice becoming upset that 90's Kid has hijacked his Freak Force episode.