It's "across the street", not "down the road", in Frogger.

Frogger is a watered-down version of a Konami arcade classic in which you take control of the titular frog himself to cross the treacherous pond! There are several stages of play. Once you lose all your lives the game ends and you must submit your score and restart.

How to Play

The game starts as soon as the screen loads.

The object is to cross the road and pond and get five frogs into the slots at the top. The first section the player comes across is the road while avoiding cars and trucks. The second section, the pond, is a reversal of the first, this time you have to hop on the logs. Once you get all five frogs in the slots at the top, you move on to the next stage. In each progressive stage, the time limit gets shorter and the objects move slightly faster. You can lose a life by being hit by a car, falling in the water, running out of time or missing the slot at the top of the screen. Once you lose all three lives, the game is over.


Up Arrow: Moves Frogger Up

Down Arrow: Moves Frogger Down

Left Arrow: Moves Frogger Left

Right Arrow: Moves Frogger Right


Watch for varying speeds in the cars and trucks, be careful to plan ahead and make each move carefully.

Try to get into the far left slot first, as this will usually take the most planning. In later levels, however, time is very short, so it's best to enter any available slot if you've only a second to spare.

Your frog jumps to the left and right a bit farther than it does to the front and back. Be wary not to overshoot a log, or run into a car when moving side to side.

Unlike the arcade Frogger, this version does not have any alligators, vanishing logs, or speeding cars. Once you get the patterns down, your biggest enemy is the time limit.


Occasionally, two logs will overlap. If your frog is sitting on an overlapping log, it will slide to the right, and off the log. Be mindful of this bug when crossing the river.

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