Galaga? Never heard of it. You mean Galagon, right?

Galagon 2004 is a flash version of the popular 1981 arcade game, Galaga. In Galagon (and Galaga) you pilot a ship against waves of incoming insectoid enemies. Yes, the classic "twin ship" trick is still intact.

A few days after Galagon 2004 was uploaded, Y Ruler of Time took the top score in the game of 53490, and has yet to be defeated.

How to Play

From the title screen, you can choose to start the game, or view the credits. (The High Scores option isn't selectable) Press the space bar to choose either option. You will have three lives. Once you lose all three lives, the game is over and you may submit your score.


Use the arrow keys to move your ship left and right.

Press the space bar to fire.


Ok, fine, for those who somehow don't know about it... The twin ship trick: When a Galaga boss (Green ship at the top of the formation that turns blue when shot) swoops out of formation, it will occasionally fire out a tractor beam. If your ship gets caught in the tractor beam, it will be captured and you will lose a life... HOWEVER... You can rescue your ship by killing the Galaga Boss that stole it. If you do, your old ship will be returned alongside your current ship, and will join it side by side, doubling your firepower. This will NOT work if you have no lives in reserve.

  • For Galaga veterans, in this version, shooting the Galaga Boss when it's still in formation will not leave your ship in the formation, and you'll get it back immediately. Fire away.

Do your best to pick off as many ships while they are still heading into formation. Once they get into formation, and begin the attack, they will be much more ruthless.


This game might be extremely frustrating to Galaga vets, as it's MUCH faster and harder. The enemy ships fire intensely from the very first stage, there are no "challenging stages", and there's almost no downtime between waves of enemies, and deaths.

Sometimes enemies will loop around the bottom of the screen, and attempt to crash into your ship horizontally. There is no way to avoid being hit if this happens.

The enemy behavior is reversed from the arcade Galaga. This time, the Bees fly a direct path, and the Moths loop back around. Galaga bosses still behave the same, though.

Occasionally, an enemy will "freeze" on the screen and ram your ship without warning. This usually happens during a new wave.

ChaosD1 01:23, 13 May 2009 (UTC)

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