Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Phelous garfield halloween

October 16, 2013
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(A tired Phelous walks in and sits down, yawning mightily; his room has Garfield paraphernalia mixed in)

Phelous: (drawling) I hate Mondays. (rubs his eyes) 'Cause I'm filming this on a Monday. You might not be watching this on a Monday, but even th– GARFIELD!!

(We cut to the title then, showing Garfield and Odie in their pirate costumes, as Garfield is heard singing (in the voice of Lou Rawls, yet))

Garfield (vo): I may be thoughtless, yeah, and all of that, but the one thing I'm not, is a scaredy-cat.

(A ghostly version of Phelous appears behind them; at this, Garfield and Odie are heard screaming like little girls, while the tempo increases insanely fast)

Female singers: The one he's not is a scaredy-cat.

(Cut back to Phelous)


Binky: Hey, kids!

Jon: Why can't I stay mad at you, Garfield?

Garfield: 'Cause I'm a cat.

Jon: Since when did you like pumpkin innards?

Garfield: Since never!

Phelous: What did you say, Garfield?

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