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Hang On A Second


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Hang On A Second by MikeJ premiered on on June 6th, 2010 and is a show where he takes a look at certain scenes in good movies and analyzes them as they make him stop and think about what was being seen. It's also done at a very fast pace.


  • The Dark Knight (June 5th, 2010)
  • Jurassic Park (June 18th, 2010)
  • Terminator 2 (June 22nd, 2010)
  • Spider-Man 3 (September 15th, 2010)
  • Star Wars: A New Hope (September 20th, 2010)
  • Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (September 22nd, 2010)
  • Indiana Jones 4 (March 15th, 2011)
  • Transformers (April 13th, 2011)
  • Taken (May 25th, 2011)
  • Back to the Future (October 2nd, 2011)
  • Back to the Future 2 (October 3rd, 2011)
  • Back to the Future 3 (October 4th, 2011)
  • Home Alone (December 19th, 2011)
  • Home Alone 2 (December 20th, 2011)
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark (November 25th, 2012)
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (November 26th, 2012)
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (November 27th, 2012)
  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (December 20th, 2012)
  • Gremlins (December 25th, 2012)
  • Ghostbusters (March 10th, 2013)
  • Ghostbusters 2 (March 17th, 2013)
  • Teen Wolf (March 28th, 2013)


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