Is A Charlie Brown Christmas Overrated?

Is a charlie brownchristmas overrated

December 8, 2015
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(Intro plays)

NC: Hello I'm the nostalgia critic I remember it so you don't have to! Some Christmas specials we watch because they're so well done that we love them (How the Grinch Stole Christmas! 1966). Others we watch because they're so odd and strange we can't help but love them (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 1964). But every once in a while you get one that's kind of in-between, one that you feel like a little effort went into but somehow also a lot of effort went into and the crowning champion of that is the Charlie Brown Christmas!*

  • The special from 1965, not to be confused with It's Christmas Again, Charlie Brown from 1992 which will be mentioned later

(Mellow and calm music plays over footage from the mentioned special)

NC (vo): Every year we watch this simple, sweet but let's face it, kind of cheap short. While it's beloved by millions all over the world there are some people who scratch their heads and simply say "I don't get it." Not the obvious message or the fact that it's supposed to be simple in its approach but they don't get why this is a holiday-classic. Why is there merchandise selling like mad for it every christmas, why does everybody show it to their kids, why do people act like it's the greatest holiday special ever made with no problems at all?

NC: I'll admit growing up I liked Peanuts fine but I got more into their other projects like Snoopy Come Home or the Halloween special (It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 1966).

NC(vo): Hell, even their SECOND Christmas special (It's Christmas Again, Charlie Brown 1992) I thought was actually a little bit more interesting than the first one. I just thought they had a lot more atmosphere and character to them.

NC: And while I didn't mind the original Christmas special I'll admit I was kind of confused why everybody obsessed over it as well.

NC (vo):

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