Is Nightmare Before Christmas Really That Great?

Is nbc that great critic

October 4, 2016
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(The Nostalgiaween 2016 opening is set to the opening of Gravity Falls with Malcolm as Dipper, Tamara as Mabel, Nostalgia Critic as Grunkle Stan, Aiyana Wade as Wendy and Bryan Porter as Soos. After the opening, we see NC in his room, wearing his Nostalgiaween shirt)

NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. And welcome to the first week of Nostalgia-Ween! And you know what that means: you look around in all the stores and what do you see since...

(A poster with an image of a skeleton on it and reading "September 12th - 18th - 7 weeks till Halloween" is shown)

NC (vo): October–

NC: (rolls eyes) September? Halloween! And also a little bit of–

(An image of several Christmas items in a store alongside Halloween items is shown)

NC (vo): Oh, come on!

NC: Okay, okay, stay focused. (rolls eyes) Unlike retail stores.

(An image of various Halloween decorations in a store is shown)

NC (vo): That means certain things are gonna be out and about: witches, bats, spiders, monsters, and, of course...

(Cut to a shot of a display of decorations based on...)

NC (vo): ...The Nightmare Before Christmas. Hell, they practically have their own section.

NC: Why? Because it's become a staple of the holiday.

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