Jillian Zurawski
Real Name
Jillian Zurawski

Jillian Zurawski is the former wife of Brad Jones (aka The Cinema Snob). She is also the star of his series "The Big Box", "Softly From Cable", and had a supporting role in his film "Game Boys". She also does behind the scenes work on some of Brad's other series.

The two were married in April 2010, after Brad finished the filming for Kickassia.  The two were sepreated about two years later but still remain good friends and Jillian still makes various appearences in Brad's videos.


The Big Box

Jillian plays "The Big Box Model" in Brad's series "The Big Box", which showcases big box VHS, the companies that producted them, and the films themselves. Big Box Model has no dialogue in the series herself but did finally speak in a video featuring Vic (voiced by Brad Jones) making threats to her on the phone that parodies the now famous recordings of Mel Gibson yelling at an ex-girlfriend.

Softly From Cable

"Softly From Cable" is another series created and written by Brad Jones starring Jillian. Unlike his other shows, this one does not feature Brad on screen. Brad describes the series as "a spoof aimed at the frisky late night skinemax programming of the 1990's". Jillian plays Shannon Shears, the host "Softly From Cable". The show recaps and pokes fun at soft-core Cinemax films from the 1990's.

Other Appearances

Jillian's has appeared in Brad Jones film "Game Boys", playing a woman how helps out a blind gamer. She has briefly appeared in "Brad and Jerrid Move a Couch" as "Dream Girl". Jillian also had cameoed in The Cinema Snobs' Caligula review as both the Big Box Model and Shannon Shears and has been in a couple of "Brad Tries". She also does camera work on "Kung Tai Ted". According to her twitter, she plans to start her own shows and website.

She's also done work on other videos on TGWTG.  She was the voice of Ring Tone in "The Greatest Answering Machine Message Ever" and made appearences as a brad jones fangirl and later servant in A Nostalgia Critic Christmas and To Boldly Flee: Part 5 respectivley.