Jim Jarosz

Jim Jarosz

Real Name
James Jarosz
April 9, 1977

Jim Jarosz is responsible for any photoshop images that appear in Doug Walker's videos, as well as providing props and sets (including the ones in To Boldly Flee). He's also the team's make-up artist.

Jim started showing his amazing talent for prop design and craft on the "Amazing Props" series at Channel Awesome youtube channel where he shows behind the scenes of how he build the props used in the reviews from scratch.

He also portrays Quinn on Demo Reel. His cameo appearances include the Nostalgia Critic's review of Thomas and the Magic Railroad as the "Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle Guy," Cloak #2 in Suburban Knights, and the government agent who places the Critic under house arrest in To Boldly Flee. He's also the TMZ boss (Harvey Levin) in the Critic's review of A.I. Artificial Intelligence. He also appeared in the review of The Christmas Tree. Jim played the Cool kid stereotype in the Critic's review of Monster Squad. He portrayed Jesus in the Critic's review of Matrix Reloaded and Segata Sanshiro in the Dragon's Lair review.

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