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Nick Landis

Lanipator of Team Four Star is a voice actor on Dragonball Z Abridged, He also works on his solo abridges series, YuYu Hakusho Abridged. Lanipator started with impressions at a young age and was in the choir for a time. On the second live edition of Transmission Awesome, he talked about Abridged series and got the rest of the Team Four Star crew and was inspired by the other abridged series. He said the best voice is Kuwabara. However, the hardest voice for him to do remains to be an old woman's voice, AKA Genkai.

On June 1, 2009, Lanipator began a series of obscure anime reviews titled Outside the Otaku.

Voice Roles on DBZ Abridged

  • Vegeta
  • Piccolo
  • Krillin
  • Babidi
  • Mr. Satan/Hercule
  • Shenlong
  • Mr. Popo
  • Radditz 1/2
  • Goten
  • Toilet #2
  • Raiti

Lani and YYH:TAS references/influences in other Abridged Series

  • Vegeta3986 and MasakoX referenced Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged in Naruto: The Abridged Series Episode 12 when the Neighborhood Watch Committee appeared.
  • One of Lanipator's DBZ Abridged characters, Krillin, dresses as YYH:TAS' Koenma in the DBZ Abridged Halloween special.

Collaborations with Other TFS Members

  • Lanipator voices Lecter in LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series and has a part in his April Fool's 2010 video.
  • In episode 44 of Megami33's Sailor Moon: The Abridged Series, Lanipator voiced a character who resembled Yu Yu Hakusho's Kuwabara.

Lani Plays

  • Amnesia - The Dark Descent, Part 1 (January 22nd, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 2 (January 29th, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 3 (February 7th, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 4 (February 8th, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 5 (February 14th, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 6 (February 19th, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 7 (February 26th, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 8 (April 23rd, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 9 (April 24th, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 10 (April 25th, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 11 (May 30th, 2011)
  • Amnesia, Part 12 - Finale (May 31st, 2011)
  • Amnesia - Justine, Part 1 (September 28th, 2011)
  • Amnesia - Justine, Part 2 (October 10th, 2011)
  • Amnesia - Justine, Part 3-1 (October 12th, 2011)
  • Amnesia - Justine, Finale (October 15th, 2011)


  • Spnky and Lani: The Scriptening (September 5th, 2010)
  • Parodynamal Activity 2 (November 22nd, 2010)

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