Lion and the King Part 2

Lion and king phelous 2

August 3rd, 2014
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Phelous: ♪ Oh, I just can't wait to be DONE! ♪

Phelous: A gorilla is his mother?

Robin: No, I'm not crazy.

Phelous: I don't even know whats real anymore! Do lions get dentures?

Robin: Nonsense. Lions don't need that.

Robin: I'm thinking.

Robin: I'm sure the panther has thought about that just as well.

Robin: Who are you?

Robin: But you're a panther! Get out! Panthers have nothing to do around here!

Robin: You look like the bad black panther who used to lie again and again!

Robin: You're father, the black panther is you're father?

Robin: I'll tell you what!

Robin: That was quite near.

Robin: Nothing can happen to us in here, can it?

Robin: What's your name?

Mew Mew: Mew Mew.

Robin: Have you been waiting long?

Mew Mew: I didn't go home at all.

Robin: You slept here? That's cool.

Robin: Hasn't anyone missed you?

Mew Mew: Definitely not. Where I live I haven't any friends. But perhaps we could become friends.

Robin: Mmm... I don't know. I think we should be enemies.

Phelous: Can I really add anything to that?

Robin: I think we should be enemies.

Mew Mew: Certainly. But only because you've driven away my father.

Robin: But he wanted to kill my father.

Mew Mew: That's not true!

Robin: Ran off. He wanted to be my friend.

Robin: He didn't look like an old black panther.

Mew Mew: His name was Robin.

Robin: If you say silly again, I'll...

Robin: I would really like to see him again. Would you help me?

Robin: I had to sneak away.

Mew Mew: Me, too.

Robin: I'm sorry we quarreled.

Mew Mew: Me, too.

Robin: Mmm... I don't know. I think we should be enemies.

Mew Mew: Two can see better than one.

Robin: Okay, I agree.

Robin: Help us. We can't get out of here alone.

Robin: Stop blaming me and help instead.

Robin: Don't be afraid, Mew Mew. Everything will be fine.

Phelous: I'll pay what I'll pay, boy, but I'm not paying it!

Robin: We thought about it when we were in the cave!

Mew Mew: Yeah! Each will get half and can do with it what he wants!

Phelous: What?

Phelous: I still don't wanna believe this was real!

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