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Episode Number Name Description Episode Length Channel Awesome Outro Date Released
272 The Matrix Woah. Everybody loves this movie, but is it really the masterpiece everyone says it is? 32:52 Neo: "You mean artificial intelligence?" January 13th, 2015
273 The Animatrix The Matrix always seemed like a big cartoon, why not embrace it? 13:35 N/A January 20th, 2015
274 The Matrix Reloaded It’s allllll down hill from here. 31:09 Morpheus: "Machines!" January 27th, 2015
275 The Matrix Revolutions Everything that has a beginning has an end...thank God. 29:10 Smith: "Cookies need love like everything does." February 3rd, 2015
NC Editorial Did Tom and Jerry Kill Themselves? Yikes! Is there any truth behind this controversial final episode? 5:48 Tom: (in deep voice) "Don't you believe it!" February 10th, 2015
Special AVGN Movie See the Nostalgia Critic review the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie. What did the Critic think of it? 20:12 The Nerd: "Did you see that?" February 13th, 2015
276 Mamma Mia! Could this be the worst chick flick ever? Find out in this week's Nostalgia Critic review on 2008's Mamma Mia! 27:55 Girls: "Dot, dot, dot!" February 17th, 2015
Special The Uncanny Valley What did the Nostalgia Critic think of the collection of shorts? 28:13 "He he he...NYAH!" February 23rd, 2015
NC Editorial Can Hype Kill a Good Film? Is it possible to be TOO hyped up? 8:57 N/A February 24th, 2015
277 The Haunted Mansion Oh yeah, because when I think Haunted Mansion, my first thought is Eddie Murphy! 23:36 Ramsley: "That is absurd." March 3rd, 2015
NC Editorial Why is Nothing Original Anymore? We all say we’re sick of it, so why do we keep seeing it? 9:27 N/A March 10th, 2015
278 Daredevil This guy’s gonna play Batman? 27:53 Elektra: "Liar!" March 17th, 2015
Special The Plot to Frozen 2 The story to one of the biggest sequels ever is finally revealed! 7:22 N/A March 24th, 2015
Special Critic and Nerd: TMNT 2014 Review Preview The preview for tomorrow’s review from the Critic and the Nerd. 2:09 N/A March 30th, 2015
279 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Nostalgia Critic joins the Angry Video Game Nerd to take on the Michael Bay produced mess-terpeice! 35:11 Eric Sacks: "Like, stupid rich." March 31th, 2015
Special Side by Side TMNT Cartoon vs Nostalgia Critic Review Opening How did the opening to the Critic and Nerd’s Review of TMNT compare to the original cartoon? Find out in this side by side comparison. 1:00 N/A April 5th, 2015
NC Editorial The Dark Age of Film Behold, the WORST years for movies ever! 11:36 N/A April 7th, 2015
280 Demolition Man Brilliant commentary or dumb Dick Flick? 29:41 John Spartan: "PHOENIX!!!" (sounds vaguely like "penis") April 14th, 2015
Special Top 11 Animaniacs Episodes Relive your favorite animany, totally insaney moments! 22:52 N/A April 21st, 2015
281 The Legend of Zorro WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???? 24:46 Jacob McGivens: "Listen to me, you backwards-ass frog." April 28th, 2015
WTR - Was That Real? The Ewoks Cartoon May 4th may have passed, but there's no forgetting THIS strangeness. 10:36 N/A May 5th, 2015
282 Fantastic Four Well, there are 4 of them, it's the Fantastic part I'm questioning. 23:20 Thing Doll: "It's cloberrin' time!" May 12th, 2015
WTR - Was That Real? Cowboys of Moo Mesa Cowboys that are COWS! Get it? 8:44 N/A May 19th, 2015
283 Sharkboy and Lavagirl Some dreams just shouldn't come true. 28:39 Linus: "Send him to the principal's office and have him expelled!" May 26th, 2015
Special Kickassia The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 2nd Anniversary Special of - Kickassia. 17:20 N/A May 30th, 2015
Special Suburban Knights The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 3rd Anniversary Special of - Suburban Knights. 14:51 N/A May 31st, 2015
WTR - Was That Real? Small Wonder One of the worst TV shows of all time? 11:50 N/A June 2nd, 2015
Special To Boldly Flee The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 4th Anniversary Special of 21:26 N/A June 2nd, 2015
284 Jupiter Ascending You know Wachowskis...COME ON! 29:02 Jupiter: "I love dogs. I've always loved dogs."
Balem: "GOOOO!!"
June 9th, 2015
WTR - Was That Real? Sam and Max Freelance Police Dogs and rabbits living together, MASS HYSTERIA! 9:20 N/A June 16nd, 2015
285 Jurassic World While it's still in theatres? But how? The Nostalgia Critic reviews 2015's box-office smash, Jurassic World.

Alt. Description: Time to make some enemies.

21:33 Malcolm as Owen: "I think it's part raptor!" June 23rd, 2015
Special Top 11 TV Show Intros Did your favorite show make the list? 19:42 N/A June 30th, 2015
286 Planet of the Apes Ready for more of Tim Burton's monkey business? 32:06 General Thade: "Do you have a towel?" July 7th, 2015
287 Osmosis Jones Looking at the OUTSIDE of Bill Murray is hard enough. 22:19 Frank: (whines) "Shaaaaane!" July 21st, 2015
NC Editorial Are Kids Shows Better NOW Than Ever? Is this a new golden age for children's entertainment? 11:43 N/A July 28th, 2015
288 Garfield: The Movie I think now's a good time to remind you to have your pet spayed or neutered. 23:04 Garfield: "Maybe I'll get a CAT scan. A CAT scan!" August 4th, 2015
289 Pixels By popular demand, we figure out if this box office disaster is Adam Sandler's worst movie yet! 22:32 Kevin James: "Yay! Your President, Paul Blart, is gonna shoot up aliens!" August 18th, 2015
NC Editorial Why Does Everyone Hate the Cable Guy? It’s one of Jim Carrey’s most hated films, but why? 6:49 N/A August 25th, 2015
290 The Smurfs The Black Nerd joins the Nostalgia Critic to take on one Smurfed up movie. 27:59 Papa Smurf: "Onions! Ugh!" September 1st, 2015

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