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Episode Number Name Description Episode Length Channel Awesome Outro Date Released
246 Face/Off Let Nicolas Cage Month begin! 31:09 N/A January 7th, 2014
NC Editorial When is Something So Bad It's Good? When does bad Cage = Good Cage? 6:56 N/A January 14th, 2014
247 The Wicker Man Not the "Not the Bees" scene! Not the "Not the Bees" scene! 36:29 Edward: "How'd it get burned?! How'd it get burned?!" January 21st, 2014
Special In Loving Memory of Justin Carmical The final review for Nicolas Cage month will be next week. Today, we honor the passing of a dear friend. 6:47 N/A January 28th, 2014
248 Ghost Rider Let's close out Nicolas Cage month with a familiar image, Nicolas Cage bursting his skull out of his face. 31:35 Johnny: "What's the matter with you?" February 4th, 2014
Special The Top 11 Strangest Best Couples This Valentine's Day, find out why weird is new norm!
  • 11. Roger & Jessica (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  • 10. Sally & Don (from 3rd Rock from the Sun)
  • 9. Theodore & Samantha (from Her)
  • 8. Perry & Lydia (from The Fisher King)
  • 7. Dr. Girlfriend & the Monarch (from The Venture Bros.)
  • 6. Violet & Corky (from Bound)
  • 5. Batman & Catwoman
  • 4. Dan & Roseanne (from Roseanne) and Hal & Lois (from Malcolm in the Middle)
  • 3. Shrek & Fiona
  • 2. Homer & Marge (from The Simpsons)
  • 1. Gomez & Morticia (from The Addams Family)
26:10 N/A February 11th, 2014
249 Ghost Dad The only ghost here is Bill Cosby's movie career. 30:31 Elliot: "*speaks gibberish* ...Like a bunny!" February 18th, 2014
NC Editorial When is a Movie Just a Movie? Are we going a bit too far here? 9:11 N/A February 25th, 2014
Special Are You Sick of Let It Go? Due to illness, today's review will be pushed back one more week. Until then, enjoy a musical interpretation of the latest fad that will just not die. 3:53 N/A March 4th, 2014
250 Disney's Alice in Wonderland Dammit Tim Burton! Dammit! 35:13 Stayne: "I like...largeness." March 11th, 2014
NC Editorial Top 11 Moments You Never Noticed in Ghostbusters They were right in front of you the whole time! 11:01 N/A March 18th, 2014
251 Disney Afternoon SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 44:35 Fat Grandma: "Ducks rock!" March 25th, 2014
What You Never Knew Batman It started with Ghostbusters. Now check out our newest segment to Nostalgia Critic! 7:20 N/A April 1st, 2014
252 Foodfight The worst animated movie EVER...PERIOD...HANDS DOWN...NO CONTEST...BAD!!!!! 33:59 Mr. Clipboard: "Survival of the fittest, Leondaaaaaaaard." April 8th, 2014
Special Top 11 Good Things in the Star Wars Prequels GOOD things? Surely you must be reading that wrong. 22:03 N/A - Promo of "The Uncanny Valley" DVD April 15th, 2014

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