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My Indie Life


Created by
Produced by
Robby Silver & Lexi Scherr
Running Time

My Indie Life is a show where hosts Robby and Lexi take a look at up-and-coming bands and allow their fans to sound off on their favorite newcomers. With Barfiesta now unavailable, it has since been shown on and YouTube.


  • My Dear Disco, Sean Fournier, Wintersleep (5/8/10)
  • We Swim You Jump and Still Time (5/14/10)
  • Pete Kilpatrick Band and Goodnight States (5/14/10)
  • Marry a Thief and Mason Proper (5/14/10)
  • Laura Veirs and Foreign Born (5/14/10)
  • Fol Chen and Jeff LeBlanc (5/14/10)
  • David Dunn and Lemon Sun (5/14/10)
  • Darwin Deez and the Colourist (5/14/10)
  • Civalias and Winter Gloves (5/14/10)
  • Amy Kumey, AM, and Elizabeth and the Catapult (5/14/10)


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