Bubbles, Snails and blurry backgrounds are just part of the fun in Pang!

Pang is a simplistic flash version of a 1989 Capcom arcade game. (Also known as "Buster Bros.") The goal is to shoot a wire in order to pop a bunch of bubbles, breaking them down into smaller bubbles until they all disappear. Each progressive stage features more bubbles to pop.

How to Play

From the title screen press "Play" to start. Clicking on High Scores will take you to an empty high score table (TGWTG Arcade scores are kept separately.) There is also a quick guide to the game on the title screen. Once you begin, move your pointer left and right, and shoot wires at the bouncing bubbles. You may fire directly at the bubble, or allow the bubble to crash into the wire to pop it. You lose a life any time your pointer is hit by a bubble, a snail, or you run out of time. You get three lives and once you lose them all, the game is over and you must click submit.


Left and right arrow keys shift your pointer left and right.

Press the space bar to shoot a wire. You cannot shoot another wire until the one you have fired pops a bubble, or vanishes off screen. (Unless you have the double shot power-up)


Power-Ups will appear randomly on the stages. Two will float across the screen, while another will randomly drop out of popped bubbles.

  • Extra Time: Floats across the stage. Hit it with a wire to gain extra time on the clock. Icon is a clock.
  • Bonus Points: Floats across the stage. Hit it with a wire to add bonus points to your score. Icon is a dollar sign. ($)
  • Double Shot: Drops out of popped bubbles. Move your pointer to it to collect it. Allows you to fire a second wire in addition to the first one. This only works once per stage, and does not stack any higher than two wires. Icon is two parallel lines.


Although you may be able to fire faster when underneath a large cluster of bubbles, it's also dangerous. If you have the time, try to pop bubbles by letting them hit your wire.

The snail is a real pain. You can only kill it by getting it to run into a wire, but don't forget to keep your eye on any incoming bubbles when trying to kill it.

Time goes very quickly in this game, so if you have a shot at getting an Extra Time power-up, go for it. It's probably the most important out of the three.

The hitbox on your pointer is very large, and even brushing up against a bubble or snail will kill you. Don't get too close or you'll be through all your lives in no time.

There is very little downtime between stages, so be ready.

ChaosD1 04:07, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

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