Real Name
Austin Hargrave
Normal Boots
Blistered Thumbs

PeanutButterGamer came to Blistered Thumbs after having worked with JonTron on the site Like him, he is an avid gamer and produces his own show, PeanutButterGamer (show). His show is now featured on both Blistered Thumbs and YouTube.

PeanutButterGamer lived in Austin, Texas and now resides in Washington. He is an avid Zelda fan, despises the My Sims franchise, and owns two ferrets named Pixel and 8-Bit and a white dog named Luka and black puppy Namira.

PeanutButterGamer enjoys killing videogame characters during his spare time. He has a girlfriend named Danielle (Unicornism).

In 2014 he rejoined Normal Boots during its relaunch.


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