Don't let the mean beans trigger an avalanche in Puyo!

Puyo is a flash version of a popular Japanese puzzle game "Puyo Puyo" (Localized in the U.S. and "Kirby's Avalanche (Kirby's Ghost Trap in PAL territories) or "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine".) Match colored blobs in sets of 4 to disintegrate them. Chain matches together for major points, but don't take too long, or you'll be buried in useless clear blobs. The game gets faster as you progress.

How to Play

Before the title screen you'll notice an odd message about not having an account to play the game. Ignore it as it doesn't apply to this version. Click on the arrow to continue to the title screen. Once on the title screen, click "One Player" to begin the game. Create matches by having 4 blobs of the same color touch horizontally or vertically. (Blobs diagonal from each other will not match.) You'll notice that blobs of the same color will "stick together". The game is over when the blobs reach the third row from the left at the top of the screen, and block further blobs from coming in.


Puzzle vets will notice the control style in the game is identical to "Tetris" and "Dr. Mario"

Left and right arrow keys shift your blobs left and right.

Down arrow key drops the blobs quickly.

Press "Z" to rotate the blobs counter clockwise. Press "X" to rotate them clockwise.

Press "P" to pause the game at any time.


Chain combos are a BIG part of the Puyo games. Learn how to set up simple combos, and build upon that.

If you drop the blobs without making matches, you'll notice a "clear blob" counter on the top of the screen. If you fail to make enough matches in time, the clear blobs will drop on your playfield. Clear blobs can only be destroyed by creating matches next to them. Don't take too long setting up combos, or your hard work will be ruined.

Chain combos will clear some impending clear blobs from the top of the screen and delay their dropping. It's best to set up many simple 2 or 3 chain combos than to just go for a big one, to avoid a clear blob avalanche as often as possible.

The game speeds up every few levels, but doesn't get any harder beyond that. Since the pause button doesn't block your view of the playfield, you may wish to pause the game on occasion to get a better idea of where to place the next blobs.

ChaosD1 05:11, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

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