Once you pop, you can't stop in Puzzle Bobble.

Puzzle Bobble is a Flash port of the first game in the Puzzle Bobble series (known in the U.S. and some European countries as "Bust-a-Move"). The goal is to clear each level, by creating same-color matches of three or more before the stage comes crashing down on you.

How to Play

To start the game, simply press Enter and the game begins immediately. Alternatively, you may also click on the flashing "Press 1P start button" message.

Playing the game is fairly simple. At the top of the screen are several clusters of bubbles and each one is a different color. Their order varies from compact and cluttered to hanging close to the bottom of the screen. Move your arrow to aim and fire the bubbles given to you into the clusters. To pop the clusters you need at least three of the same color. The more you pop the more points you will receive and if you can cause bubbles of the opposite color to drop with the popped bubbles you will get more.

However, you are on a timed schedule. You are given a few seconds to launch your bubble in the direction you want or the game will automatically do it for you. (This is signified by the little dino near the pointer saying "Hurry Up!") After each group of several shots, the ceiling gets lower, and brings the bubbles closer to you. If at any time a bubble crosses the line on the bottom of the stage, you will lose a life and start the stage over. You have three lives and once you've lost three times the game is over and your score is automatically submitted.


The left and right arrow key aims your pointer left and right.

Press the space bar to fire a bubble.


Don't rush your firing, but don't take so long that you cause the game to fire for you. Remember you can see what the next color will be, so make your calculations based on that.

The bubbles you fire can be bounced off the wall. This is useful when trying to hit a cluster that's currently blocked by other clusters. Be careful, because if a bubble even brushes by another bubble, it will stick to it.

Bubbles stick to the ceiling, and each other. It's a good idea to shoot a cluster near the top of the screen, as this can usually clear out all the bubbles beneath it as well.

The quicker you clear the stage, the more bonus points you get, but after a while, you won't receive any bonus. The bonuses are where you'll make the majority of your points, so if you're going for a high score, speed is key.

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