Quinn is an Irish man and good friend of Carl. He works as secondary camera man for Donnie, and Carl's different yet similar friend. They clearly drink and go on drunken rampages together which get them things like an Alien style tracking device from Planet Hollywood. Quinn, like Carl, is a stereotype (Irish), with being a drunk, being in the IRA, and having many relatives. Quinn is a little more friendly than Carl, but still has his rude moments. Quinn is okay with hangovers and treats them like there nothing. Quinn is still fun-loving and able to threaten people when necessary. When Demo Reel ended, Quinn was left along with Carl, Rebecca, and Tacoma

Quinn wears a grey newsboy hat, grey wool sports coat, and faded green sweater. He also has worn a white tank top. He has a soul patch and talks in an Irish accent.

Though Quinn has held a gun many times on the show, we never see him fire one. He also drank Carl's booze.

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