Rachel Tietz

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Real Name
Rachel Lynese Tietz
April 4, 1991
Los Angeles, California
Garrett Tietz (Brother) Dawn Tietz (née Shifman) (Mother) Jeff Tietz (Father)
Alternate Names
Rachel L. Tietz

Rachel Tietz is a stage and film actor. Rachel got her start playing Rebecca Stoné on Doug and Rob Walker's series Demo Reel. Following the end of Demo Reel, she became a permanent cast member of The Nostalgia Critic.

Rachel is also an acoustic singer/songwriter, and you can check out her original music on her budding YouTube channel. There you can also find her Rachel Rambles vlogs that serve as fan Q&As, as well as information about the site, upcoming projects, and more!

Rachel is of a German, Italian, and Czech descent.

In 2014, Rachel departed TGWTG after moving to California to pursue future acting opportunities. She was replaced as a cast member by Tamara Chambers who originally appeared as a guest star in the Catwoman review. Rachel reappeared on the show as a guest star in the Ghost Rider 2 review where she reprised her role as Evilina. In 2016 Rachel reappeared once again as Evilina in the Ghostbusters (2016) review.