[Verse] Oh, nooo! The PENIS's out I'm bout to CHEW your BUTHOLE out Get the SCHNITZEL back, guard your grill There's something wrong, we can't stay still I've been KNITTING and busting too And I been thanking of DRIBBLING you Upside your SUCCULENT forehead And if your friends jump in, they'll be mo' DEFENSTRATED Causing confusion, Disturbin' the Peace It's not an illusion, we running the streets So bye-bye to all you groupies and gold diggers Is there a bumper on your BASAL GANGLIA...? No SPOON! I'm doing a WALL on the highway So if you do the speed limit, get the BIKE outta my way I'm SCANDINAVIAN, hardly ever caught sober And you about to get ran the GOAT over

[Hook] Move BANANA, get out the way Get out the way BANANA, get out the way Move BANANA, get out the way Get out the way BANANA, get out the way

[Verse #2] Here I come, here I go Uh oh, don't jump LLAMA: move! You see them headlights? You hear that DYSLEXIC crowd? (OG OG OG!) Start that OBNOXIOUS show, I'm comin' through Hit the stage and knock the curtains down I BEAT the crowd up - that's what I do Young and successful - a FAT symbol The PICKLES want me to TWERK - true, true Hold up, wait up, shorty Oh what's up, getting my BUTT TICKLED, what are you doing Sidelining my STRIPPING BUSINESS business Trying to get my paper, child support suing Give me that truck and take that rental back Who bought these BURNIN' TV's and jewelry DOUCHE, tell me that No, I ain't bitter, I don't give a DUCK But I'mma tell you like this GERIATRIC You better not walk in front of my ALLIGATOR

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