[Intro] My baby left me Left me sad and blue I didn't know what to do... Without my baby baby baby baby And then I met his best friend And he took me to his house And I said... I said... Let me tell you what I said

[Hook] Put it in my NOSE She said put it in her NOSE I said my MELLIFLUOUS NOSE I mean her MELLIFLUOUS NOSE Put it in my NOSE She said put it in her NOSE My MELLIFLUOUS NOSE I mean her MELLIFLUOUS NOSE

[Verse] You wanna EXTRICATE, why not? I be like Herbie and hand you a TOILET And tell you that my name is Ak' Get on your TONGUE, make like the breeze begin to POOP But don't give me no Ralph Lauren grin if you're not down to FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATING I'm all about ELBOW LICKING Only if you down for FINGER LUBING If not, B.J. and the Bear...keep truckin And SHANK chapsticks I'm comin ashy as GUMDROPS, wit chapped NIPPLES For your chapped FAT lips (down in my NOSE) CRACKING your teeth like dentists as I'm DEFENESTRATING them With a SALAMI like injections, WASH it I be DRYING them HURLING up your tonsils, like Anbesol anesthetic WIGGLING down your throat like chloraseptic (take it out my NOSE) No time for apologin.. girlfriend if you.. (Yodel-ay-hi-hoo) YODELIN' {fart}... FLATULATIN' I'm givin' KITTENS permanent MITTENS Put your ARMS here and catch these WET SUPPLE BUNS In your NOSE

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