In the Nostalgia Critic's review of The Room, his future self travels back in time to take NC to the future so the movie can be nostalgic. When they get there, NC asks future NC why they're in the basement, future NC responds "Oh, it's the only way we can hide to stay away from the sea horses." NC thinks about this and asks what he is talking about. Future NC answers "Oh yeah sea horses rule the Earth now. Complete domination, surprised no one saw it coming really." NC looks out the window and sees a city ruled by sea horses with a sea horse Statue of Liberty. At the end of the review future NC worriedly warns NC "Critic! We've got to go, they're on to us." NC asks "Why, what's wrong?" Right then two sea horses barge in. The first one asks, "Are you watching The Room?" The second one adds "You know that movie is outlawed." They both exclaim "Seize them!" NC and future NC travel back to the present to escape.

Years later, in the Making of Nostalgia Critic: Princess Diaries 2, while Doug and Tamara prepare to shoot the scene where NC and Hyper Fan foolishly play outside with pool noodles, Doug tells Malcolm that that is how the sea horses start with there underground rebellion.