Flip out and kill people, in Shuriken Challenge!

Shuriken Challenge is a simple action game slightly based on the 2003 Namco game, "I-Ninja". You play as Ninja, and it's your job to toss shurikens at the encroaching Ranx army, while dodging a fireball that's chasing you. Difficulty and speed increases as your score does.

How to Play

From the title screen, click on "Play" to start the game. Once on the screen, toss shurikens at the enemies to increase your score. Every 400 points, your belt rank will go up, the enemies will attack even faster, and you'll see a power-up appear on the screen. If you are hit once, either by a Ranx soldier, or the fireball, you will die and the game is over. You must submit your score to continue.


Ninja will follow your mouse cursor. He moves a bit slower than the pointer, so be wary.

Click the left mouse button to fire a shuriken.


Each Power-up appears after you earn a belt upgrade. Power-ups are all labeled with their name. Move Ninja over to the power-up to collect it. Each power-up only lasts for a short amount of time.

  • Shield: Makes Ninja invincible. The shield is gone when the aura around Ninja flashes and dissipates.
  • Speed-Up: Allows Ninja to move at the exact same speed as your mouse cursor. The effect is over when the aura around Ninja vanishes.
  • Points: Adds 40 points to your score. Arguably the second to worst power-up in the game.
  • Laser: Increases the size of your shurikens and allows them to pass through and kill multiple enemies. Arguably the best power-up in the game.
  • Speed-Down: Slows Ninja down to a crawl. DO NOT collect this item. Unquestionably the worst power-up in the game. It's more of a "power-down", really.


When mowing down Ranx soldiers... don't forget to keep an eye on the fireball. The fireball cannot be killed so avoid it all all costs.

When collecting the Laser power-up, mow down as many enemies as you can. You'll likely make the next belt rank even before it wears off.

Although it was already stated in the Power-Ups section, do not take the "Speed-Down" item! It's almost a guaranteed death. Kudos to you if you survive long enough for it to wear off.

Be careful not to have your mouse cursor travel off the playfield. Ninja will freeze in place wherever you left it from, and won't move again until you're back on it.

There's a bit of luck involved with this game, as it's possible to play a time where you'll get two or three "Laser" power-ups in a row, and on the opposing end of the spectrum, two or three "Speed-Down" power-ups. Play often to get the best scores.

ChaosD1 03:51, 7 June 2009 (UTC)

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