[Open with Linkara sitting on his green futon]

Linkara: The comic book industry can be a highly competitive environment, particularly among The Big Four: Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse. However, independent creators have been making comics for years in various formats; one of the most popular formats is the black and white comic. Heck, I myself have an independent comic that I want to- [static] [Linkara is holding a copy of his own independent comic] BUY "REVOLUTION OF THE MASK"! IT'S ONLY 72 CENTS! [static] E-er sorry, ... the camera must have hiccuped. Anyway, the independent comics can be really good, but then there's something like today's subject. As such, let's dig into Sinnamon No. 11.

Linkara [v/o]: Ok, let's start with the logo: Why is it that creators feel if that they switch around the letters on a name so that it makes it sound good? "Sinnamon", with an S and two N's.


Visually, the cover is kind of bland; although having being able to rising up like that is kind of cool, but the effect is ruined by the woman in the Vampirella outfit. Is she supposed to be Sinnamon? If that's the case, then at least she's wearing sensible shoes: that's the ticket to a great superhero. Ah screw it, let's move on.

Tagline: "Catfish Comics brings you the exciting eleventh issue of: Sinnamon, the sexiest superheroine of all!"

Linkara [v/o]: Well, it's good the creators have there priorities trait with their superheroines. There's a HUGE load of backstory dumped in the introductory paragraph, so I'll give you the CliffNotes. Sinnamon is a woman named Cindy Canyon. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a porn star at all. And she's starting to run low on cash. A place called Golden Valley- so this takes place in Minnesota?- is being terrorized by a maniac known as the Heartbreaker.

Linkara: [holding his phone, weeping] We went out for a few dates, but he never calls! HE NEVER CALLS!!!!

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